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Welcome fellow writer to my first Notion template! Let me introduce you to the ultimate writer's workspace with a bit of backstory.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... there was a huge lack of specialized tools for writers. Having tried everything, from classics like InDesign to more creative products like Scrivener, I always felt like something was missing. Yes, I could design margins, pagination and work with thousands of different fonts, but I ended up asking myself - What is the most important part in the process of writing a book? -

You guessed right, it's Writing The Book.

That's how I came out with this template. I needed a space where I could collect and refine all concepts and ideas flowing through my mind without switching between tons of mindmapping and writing programs. Even better, a space where I could access everything I needed, even sub-plots and progress tracking, without ever leaving my writing canvas.

This is what I call The Modern Writer experience: a seamless flow of Creativity, Ideas and Typing. If that's what you're looking for, this is for you!

1 rating
  • Includes:

  • 📖
    The Ultimate Canvas for Writers
  • Timeline
  • 📈
    Chapters Progress Tracking
  • 📚
  • 📋
    Notes & Ideas
  • 🎨
  • 📤
    Integral Text Export
  • 👍
    Integrated Tutorial page with Videos
  • 🖤
    Dark Mode Support
  • Includes:
  • 📖The Ultimate Canvas for Writers
  • Timeline
  • 📈Chapters Progress Tracking
  • 📚Compendium
  • 📋Notes & Ideas
  • 🎨Moodboard
  • 📤Integral Text Export
  • 👍Integrated Tutorial page with Videos
  • 🖤Dark Mode Support


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